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Tokyo Genius


As a songwriter, producer, creative and so much more on his belt he takes his talents all around the united states and soon the world influencing others to be the best version of themselves and just enjoy life. his background derives from  dance and credits his inspiration to Kanye west, Timbaland,, Pharell Williams, and Kid Cudi. TG’s goal as an artist is to not only chance the world through his music but also expand the mind. 

Alabama Native TG a.k.a Tokyo Genius is making his mark in the music industry with a distinct sound and positive message.

He exposed to music at a  young age, growing up in a soulful music oriented family he was able to take sounds of the past and mix them with sounds of the future and create his own sound within hiphop/alternative/pop music. coming from a small town named Russellville Alabama. 

He was able to originate his songs through personal experiences and dreams of succeeding in life to allow him to be versatile artist with his own style.

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